New site!!


Thank heavens - I have a proper site again, and one that's finally phone-friendly. This thing is hot off the press and based on Bolt CMS, which I am really loving so far. The headaches are minimal, so the problems are mostly mine, and not the platform's!

Drawings were done in Clip Studio Paint (aka Manga Studio bought online) using some natural media brushes from Armin Nelsyn and this El Cap-unfriendly drawing tablet. Fonts are Nunito Sans (body) and Concert One (headers). Photographs are mainly by Matthew Wood and Mark Snyder; reference for the homepage drawing was a photo by Mark Zaki. I'll get photo credits up soon, I swear!

This is still a work in progress, but if I didn't put it up, I was going to keep agonizing over something, forever. Still needs a contact form, better details on the albums, current events need to go up, online cv, the rest of the works page to complete... and a proper footer??

Written by Becky on Saturday February 4, 2017

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