Hello World, and some goals

Here marks the start of a personal compositional odyssey!

After being tech director for numerous Barn Dances and attending all manner of electroacoustic festivals, I have a larger than average sample of classical electroacoustic music. But for all that I have experienced, I have yet to write any music in this style, and I intend for this independent study to be the push that forces me to explore the technology!

To that end, I will be writing at least two pieces this semester, which have broad definitions to start:

  1. Custom controller & live electronics. After getting an Arduino Uno for Christmas, I immediately jumped on the idea of making a custom MIDI controller using it. I'll do another post on all the research I did for possible directions to take the controller with non-standard materials, but I eventually chose to focus on using graphite drawn on paper as the circuit. We're calling this the easel controller for now. Sonically, this piece will involve controlling an instrument in Max/MSP and triggering different sounds using the easel controller.
  2. Electroacoustic composition with video. This piece will have a notated harp part to be played live, which will be processed with an instrument in Max/MSP. After the piece is written, I'll make a video to go along with it.

I'll be posting here fairly regularly as I make strides in this project, to document my progress.

(Side note: this is my first time seeing the Twenty-Fifteen theme. I'm impressed - it looks really good!)

Written by Becky on Sunday January 25, 2015

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