Mark Snyder's portfolio site

Wordpress w/Pods and Timber, 2016

Mark Snyder's portfolio page, in its current form. While I did redesign his site two years prior, he wanted something with lighter colors. I think I'm happier with this version! Some details:

The site itself is in Wordpress, and it uses Pods pretty much exclusively for advanced content types - one for Works, one for Recordings, one for Events. The Pods plugin is pretty dependable, with only a few weird things to work around, like setting up custom routing, but their documentation includes a good amount of tutorials for that.

After reading about Timber (a plugin that lets you use Twig templates on Wordpress) on css-tricks, I made the switch when I started doing the theme redux. Templating in Twig is much, much easier than hunting down all the WP functions! It also made me want to switch to something natively Twig-based (so I'm not stuck doing Twig templates and Pods templates), which is why I'm using Bolt for my own site.

Other buzzwords: it's responsive, built with SASS, reskinned the default MEJS player (that was weird), the MEJS player is responsive too.

Written by Becky on Tuesday January 31, 2017

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